I am the stepdaughter of Terry Shea. I am writing to express my shock, frustration, and pain after reading the article you posted online about my stepfather’s recent suicide. Terry was more than just a stepfather to my brother and me; he was the closest thing to a father I have ever had. He was my friend, someone I respected, and most of all, my dad.

I am appalled and disgusted that you would post such an insensitive article that shows no regard whatsoever to the friends and family Terry left behind. There is absolutely no need to inform the public of his, and our family’s, recent personal struggles, as well as our home address. Not only did you write about these issues that you have no business concerning yourself with, but you did not even print accurate information. Where are your decency, your compassion, and your integrity? We have been struggling not only to cope with the loss of a beloved father, husband, and friend, but we now have to worry about the public prying into our very delicate and private pain.

He was a troubled man, plagued by a mental illness so severe that he would take his own life. Your article trivialized his death, making it into even more of a spectacle than it already is. Next time you run an article about suicide, please consider the wishes of the family. Please recognize that this is not just an anonymous “store owner,” but someone who left behind many people who love him.

We love you, Terry. May you rest in peace.

Loie Davis

Shame on you, Wednesday Journal, for being so utterly insensitive about suicide. I hope that the extra views on your website you will receive for writing these words will make up for how much worse Shea’s family will feel after reading this disgusting, heartless piece of “journalism.”

Abby Raskin
Oak Park

I was shocked and infuriated by the article about Terry Shea’s suicide.

This article was obviously written with complete disregard to the feelings of his family members, who are already struggling to cope with this tragedy.

As a close friend to the family, I know they were deeply disturbed by this article. I understand the suicide took place in a public area, but the details of Terry’s private life were absolutely not necessary to share with the public.

While I think a public apology would be appropriate, I also hope that this newspaper will handle similar situations differently in the future.

Katherine Roemer
Charlotte, N.C.

Let us go easy on the Journal. It is a “news story.” If anything, those of us not connected to the Sheas feel sympathy for what happened. When a person does what William Shea did in a public storefront for everyone to see is in fact news. Shame on him for making it that way. If anything, I feel sorry for his family, not him.

Chris Garza

In response to Mr. Garza:

Yes, it is in fact a news story. I don’t think any of us deny that the Journal had every right to respond on the incident since it did indeed happen in a public place. What is so egregious is the fact that the Journal disclosed private family information. And don’t you dare say shame on him for suiciding in the way he did. He was a sick man who did something I pray to God neither you or nor your family never have to experience. I beg you, feel compassion for both him and our family. He was a wonderful man.

Loie Davis
Terry Shea’s stepdaughter

About a week ago, I brought a color print cartridge into the Cartridge World store in Oak Park to be filled. When I came back later to pick it up, the store owner handed me back the shrink wrapped printer cartridge and said there was no charge, as the cartridge was just blocked and needed to be cleaned. I was touched by his honesty, as I would not have known that he did not refill it, and it still had sufficient ink remaining. He could have even charged me for his time and effort. I thanked him and wished him happy holidays. I wanted to share this small but significant interaction after hearing about the owner’s death recently. I am so sorry he had such troubles. I have frequented Cartridge World for a few years, and he was a good and honest man.

Melanie Weiss

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