Mr. Melnyk,

I was shocked when I received a forwarded e-mail that there would be a meeting of the South/Marion Association on Dec. 9 to discuss merger with Downtown Oak Park. I was shocked that there has been no notification to myself as a board member or any other members of the association that I know of. Since proper notification has not been made and since as a board we have not had a meeting to discuss this matter, I hereby request that this meeting be rescheduled until such time as the board can formally meet and decide on how this or any agenda item should be handled.

There is also the matter of our annual meeting, which has not been scheduled as to my knowledge and did not take place last year. Since you were elected three years ago to a one-year term as president, you do not have the authority to act on behalf of this association.

Proper procedures must be restored, along with mailed and published notification of at least two weeks and recruitment of possible new officers for the association before any action should be taken.

Bob Loro

Loro Auto Works

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