Anyone know anybody in North Dakota? How about West Virginia? North Carolina? I’m feeling helpless here in Oak Park as the election nears.

I have already sent a check to Barack. I voted early at village hall where they are clocking 3-400 voters a day.
Illinois will be a tsunami for him and early voting was, for me, anticlimactic. Would it help if I voted again Nov. 5? Note to self: Call Acorn for more of those voter registration forms.

What to do until Election Day? For one thing, I suffer from OCP-obsessive compulsive poll reading. At night, I prowl the election websites looking for new polling data. Should I believe that
North Dakota is a dead heat even though Barack pulled his campaign out several weeks ago? Is Colorado solid blue or merely leaning? And who knows what is going on in Florida and Ohio.

Before work in the morning, I check to see the national and state polls released overnight. Then I make a quick swing to to see if realclearpolitics missed anything. Then I detour to This is my favorite, a Barack leaning pollster who provides intelligent arguments why Barack is going to win an electoral landslide. Still, my need for political involvement is not satiated.

There is e-mail. I get daily e-mails from and (left over from 2004). I can read that “Barack wins debate” or “Change is coming.” This late in the game, I delete them without reading because I know what they are going to say. Rats. Like Dracula looking for fresh blood, I crave electoral sustenance.

Then there is the e-mail warfare going on among my siblings. I have five and they are spread around. One is in
Dover, N.H. One is in St. Paul, Minn. Three here in Illinois. Our e-mail group also includes nieces and nephews ranging from Iowa to Tokyo.

Here is a typical e-mail from my two conservative brothers: “Hussein has ZERO experience” or “he wants to lose the war in Iraq” or “he wants to redistribute wealth” or “he will run the most corrupt administration since the Tea Pot Dome scandal” or “why is it racism only when whites won’t support Obama and not when all blacks support him?”

And I suspect that in all white e-mail groups around the country, the racial dander is up. The repeated “I am not a racist” sounds like “the lady doth protest too much.”

I respond, but this is an unfulfilling exercise. I am not convincing undecided voters. I am parrying with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity acolytes.

Then at the Farmers’ Market, I met my friend Joy Bressler, who told me her husband, Scott Klapman is taking a week’s vacation before Election Day to campaign for Barack in
Indiana. Now I feel like a real worm. Then I read about Jerry Delaney leading Oak Parkers on weekend excursions to Wisconsin to turn out voters.

And this makes me feel like a big Obama slug. So please send me the phone numbers of your cousins and friends in the battleground states listed above and I will make some calls (in between checking the polls).


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