Our hurricanes seem far away and have ominous names and mysteries inside them. We observe but we are scared. Hearing the hurricane news that the direction might change, speed up or slow down, we only know it will terrorize and damage some neighborhoods and buildings.

The hurricane we might compare to our business and political folks in
Springfield because some of them pushed for an Elevator Update, bound to devastate seniors in condos where $5,000 apiece will be hard to give those business people who update Illinois condo elevators.

Like a hurricane, the year 2013 seems far, far away, has some mystery, gets our attention, but that date can be changed again, might devastate us earlier and even more than the estimated $5,000 for each owner’s invoice.

If you will not have the $5,000 for your elevator maintenance, repair and modernization in 2013 (or earlier), please come tell our group (EXEMPT OUR ELEVATORS) what we might do about this new
Illinois legislation (Senate Bill 886).

For more information, call Al Popowits, 209-1397

Lee Brooke
Oak Park

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