Excellent editorial [Will miracles never cease? Jim Bowman, Viewpoints, Sept. 24]

The only problem is that our fellow citizens in
Oak Park and River Forest are so blinded by partisan hatred (and political power lust), they will read and not understand. They will go back to their iMacs and send off another letter to Wednesday Journal complaining about the high property taxes and parking rates. Yet they proudly display a yard sign for the presidential candidate who makes no secret that, if he makes it into office, will add significantly to their already “unbearable” tax burden. They say he is only going to tax the wealthy, but in Obama’s world they are the wealthy. When the economy tanks, they will say, “See, it’s Bush’s fault, just took this long to manifest itself.” That will make them feel better.

Dale Jones

Submitted to WednesdayJournalOnline.com


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