Well this is long over due. [Weiss resigns; board appoints new chief, News, Sept. 17]

I hope he does what Jodi Weis did in
Chicago and cleans house at the top. This organization needs a jump start and some fresh ideas. This is even more evident when I had to contact the chief’s executive staff with flood and safety questions. What a waste of time that was!   

Jonathon Callow

Submitted to WednesdayJournalOnline.com

If Frank Limon brings to the River Forest Police Department what Bill Kushner has brought to the Berwyn Police Department, the
River Forest citizens will be elated.

Chief Kushner has brought a very tough, fair, business-like approach to the BPD, which in the past was a patronage catch basin. One of the best things Chief Kushner has implemented is the
Citizens Police Academy. Getting citizens involved in the policing of their own town is a masterstroke of innovative police work.

Best wishes to Frank Limon.

John McCarthy


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