Reading Wednesday Journal is identical to reading an Obama attack ad, only more vitriolic and dishonest. I remind you that by living in River Forest, my family and I are primarily governed by the City of Chicago, Cook County, the State of Illinois and, thankfully, River Forest.

With the exception of River Forest, all are exclusively democratic and recognized nationally and even internationally as probably the most corrupt governments in the U.S. Need I add that Chicago is broke, the county just issued the largest tax increase in its history, the state is broke and even Oak Park is laying off city service people while our nonfederal taxes are becoming confiscatory.

Chicago schools are graduating about 50 percent of its high school seniors while averaging $11,000 per student. There are probably more gunshot deaths in Chicago than in Iraq per month.

Keep in mind your choice to save our country and the world recently represented the 13th district (
Chicago) in the Democratic Illinois Senate for almost seven years. Been in Woodlawn lately? If his record in the 13th District is the best he can do in seven years, give me Moose and Squirrel anytime.

I don’t want a reply but how about some objectivity in your work and newspaper?

Michael Breen

River Forest

Editor’s note: Let’s see, the Democrats have run the city, county and state into the ground. The Republicans have run the country into the ground. Here’s a deal: I won’t vote for a single city, county or state Democrat (with the exception of Obama) in November if you don’t vote for any national Republican. That’s fair, isn’t it? Not to mention objective.

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