District 97 will make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) based on preliminary results released by the state from the March Illinois Standards Achievement Tests. In addition, some black students had much higher results in reading after the state had to rescore tests taken by students statewide because of a grading error.

Kevin Anderson, assistant superintendent for teaching and learning, said all schools made AYP this year. The Illinois State Board of Education released results to school districts last week, but official report cards won’t be released until Oct. 1. School districts can only release preliminary data, and Anderson said a report on their results will be presented to the Dist. 97 Board of Education on Oct. 14.

“We made good progress across the board,” said Anderson, noting all subgroups made AYP.

In August, the ISBE re-graded all statewide ISATs because of a scoring error in the state’s grading method, which showed wide fluctuations in some initial scores. Dist. 97 got an unexpected benefit from the re-grading with one school showing a dramatic increase in reading among black students.

Anderson estimated their score jumped 11-12 percent, adding that none of the subgroups’ scores went down.

“We’re very pleased with the effort students and staff made over the year,” he said.

-Terry Dean

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