A huge “thank you” to Oak Park‘s sand volleyball players, Wednesday Journal, and concerned citizens for helping to remind the park district that “keeping your word” is important. It’s important also to acknowledge the park district staff, especially Executive Director Gary Balling and the park board, for taking swift action to ensure that sand volleyball players have a temporary court during the Longfellow Park renovation.

Sand volleyball players participated in the planning process for
Longfellow Park over two years ago. When the park district decided to keep basketball courts at Longfellow, rather than sand volleyball, we requested and received the commitment that Oak Park‘s only courts would not be demolished until new ones were built.

One tribute to the process and the people involved is the willingness of Mark Gartland, Jessica Bullock, and Marty Bracco to meet with volleyball players at
on more than one occasion during the last few weeks to try to craft a solution. It is great to have the temporary court. Four of us played last Saturday morning at !

We understand that the Park District faces the dilemma of balancing the greater community needs with the desires of the immediate neighbors and those with particular recreational interests. The dilemma is compounded by limitations on budgets and available park land.

However, sand volleyball still needs a permanent home in
Oak Park.

Penny Wallingford

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