We needed the rain. That’s what people say on a rainy day when they didn’t have that much planned anyway. It’s a nice thing to say, accepting. We needed the rain. Comforting to give a day over to a thorough watering.

But some don’t accept defeat easily. This afternoon, I spotted an older man riding a bicycle down Oak Park Avenue while holding an umbrella. Never saw that before. He looked perfectly comfortable. Some people ride their bike in all weather. Have to admire them. Don’t have to join them.

Speaking of gloom and doom, the Republican Convention is making everyone testy. The VP thing is distracting and divisive, in other words right out of the Republican playbook. Dumb down the election so voters don’t focus on what’s important–like the health and future of the country.

The vice presidential pick has never interested me. I don’t care, so I didn’t watch Ms. Palin read the speech someone wrote for her. I’m told she reads well. McCain reads tonight. He doesn’t read well, but I’ll be watching anyway. Maybe tomorrow everyone will forget about Sarah Palin and her soap opera and turn their attention to the most important election of our lifetime.

But I’m not holding my breath.

If all goes well, we’ll be able to look back on these miserable past eight years and say, “We needed the rain.”

The only thing that interests me about VP picks are the names and how they work with the candidate’s. Obama-Biden vs. McCain-Palin. Biden and Palin are pretty similar. Biden his time vs. Palin comparison. Names are interesting.

And one more gloomy note for a rainy day: I hear Erik’s is shutting down its salad bar. Talk about the passing of an era. Erik’s salad bar has always been integral to its identity. Can the shutting down of Erik’s itself be far behind?

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