We have gone to the Classic Cinemas Lake Theatre approximately 2-3 times a month over the last several years (though we always had to find special lots, because the two-hour meters just weren’t long enough to use as most movies are around two hours).

Oak Park has increased the parking meter cost. Sorry, I just don’t feel like parking in the garage, or paying $1.50 or more to park. I prefer lots of street parking. We live a few miles away from Oak Park but like the Lake Theatre and Classic Cinemas. Now, because of the parking meter increase, we will drive a little further for free parking in Elmhurst at the York Theatre. We are always able to find free three-hour parking on the street near the York Theatre, another Classic Cinemas theater.

Elmhust has got it right. Offer free three-hour parking on the street, right in front of the businesses.
Oak Park should change its parking philosophy; otherwise customers are just going to drive on by.

Rick Rann

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