I recently had a bad experience from my travels abroad and thought I’d share it as others might want a warning about Euros. I was in Brazil, had extra money in the local denomination and a friend needed cash. I gave her my extra Brazilian cash and she gave me a check off her French bank in Euros. When I came home I filled out the forms to deposit this check in my account at Chase. Eventually it was collected and deposited in my account-what was left, that is. I should have received about $150, but Chase took one third of the money, $45, as their “fee.” Then the French bank took half, $72. I was left with $33 out of what should have been $150! I went to the bank and talked with customer service but they just said, “Too bad.” I guess in the world of changing Euros, we’re at the mercy of what every handler wants to take.

Marti Matthews

Oak Park


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