The park district isn’t interested in sand volleyball courts [Sand volleyball players protest lost courts, News, Aug. 20] because their contractor friends can’t make money just pouring a ton of sand and putting in two posts.

Kevin Dornfelder


This park district seems to be in the news continually. Budgets, trespass arrests, trees, firing of African-Americans,
ADA violations, dog parks where they’re not wanted, honey bees, and now volleyball players evicted. What is the problem with this board and the administrators anyway?

Caryn Bergmann

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My husband and I agree.  They should all resign and take Gary Balling with you.

Lucy Vonesh

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Susan Raphael’s comments accurately describe the park district “planning process.”
Field Park, the loveliest park in Oak Park, was destroyed because promises were made to the boys’ baseball and soccer interests. Because the dog park people supported this destruction, the Maple Park neighbors’ clearly stated opposition was ignored and the promise of a dog park there was filled. Now the sand volleyball people were stepped on and to silence them, the park district has promised them a spot at Rehm although the people there don’t want it, judging from Ms. Raphael’s comments. It’s all the result of poor planning and inappropriate spending by the park district. When I voted for the $15 million referendum, I was expecting maintenance and renovation, not complete alteration of functional, beautiful parks. But that’s what the board is doing with our money and I’m not happy about it.

Jackie Mackie

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The park district board should resign as far as I’m concerned. They have the largest tax increase of all the local governments, misrepresent what $15 million in referendum money is going to be used for, sucker-punch us with $100 million for Ridgeland Common, just to pass on a “modest” $40 million improvement, and their public input process is a sham, where they absolutely ignore what the neighborhoods want just to satisfy the whims of their board members. This is not representative government, and they forgot they are elected to represent us, not to fill their wish list for their kids by raising my taxes and then retire. My taxes are too high. Boot them all out and elect a board that will give us some tax relief.

Ronald Tagliari

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