Your paper continues to be a perfectly wonderful chronicle of life in a dynamic urban/suburban community. Thank you, thank you.

I am particularly following the revived gun ban discussion now.  It centers on the NRA suit against the village, brought on by a most disappointing recent Supreme Court reversal of the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment.   

Passing that handgun ban in 1984 was for me one of the most important actions of our board. I have always been proud that the village provided yet another act of leadership, this time to communities across the nation struggling to deal with gun-related crime.

There is a huge difference of intent between owning a Saturday night special and, say, a hunting rifle. I agree with your comment that “reasonable citizens should be able to agree on how to effectively and safely regulate gun ownership and use.” [Living (and dying) with the Second Amendment, Ken Trainor, Viewpoints, July 9]

Hopefully that distinction can be developed during the next presidential administration.

Thank you for your broad coverage of significant local issues. A good part of
Oak Park‘s success comes from having excellent local press!

Sara G. Bode

Village president, 1981-85

Sawyer, Mich.

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