As president of the Friends of the Oak Park Conservatory, I have had occasion to see firsthand the benefits of the Oak Park Shuttle, which has brought numbers of visitors, many from out of town, to the Oak Park Conservatory, and, of course, to the Frank Lloyd Wright sites and other Oak Park destinations. Instead of dropping the shuttle, its use should be encouraged and much better advertised. The vehicle(s) now are neither distinctive nor appealing. A wrap or other colorful signage would be a substantial improvement in encouraging ridership.

More importantly, the shuttle can serve to get cars off our streets. Visitors can be encouraged to park their vehicles and see our town at their own pace, choosing places they wish to visit, shuttling (or even walking) among them. Other benefits include reduced traffic, reduced emissions, and the ability of visitors to enjoy our village without having to watch the road or hunt for parking anew at each stop.

Sandy Lentz

I am disappointed with your opinion to “Shut the Shuttle” as expressed on page 5 of the July 16 Wednesday Journal. [A dozen semi-considered opinions in 711 words, Dan Haley, News]

Apparently $200,000 per year is too much to maintain an established shuttle service.

As someone who uses the shuttle and supports the continuation of this service (and would like to see it expanded to

North Avenue
), I’d like to know how much the village spends on car owners and their auto driving guests. What is the bureaucratic budget for public parking garages and lots, meter keys, child safety seats, signage, overnight parking permits, enforcement, and all the mailings and meetings and surveys that go into dealing with these subjects?

Is $6.05 a ride too much to spend on people who choose to free themselves of cars, can’t ride a bike, aren’t comfortable walking, or don’t want to wait “five to 20 minutes” for a cab? With a gallon of gas costing almost $5, this is the time to promote and maintain an established alternative to driving.

Readers, the kiosks at shuttle stops show the route and the schedule. Consider using the shuttle the next time you want to visit the main library, conservatory, pools, or many of our shopping and dining areas. You will discover friendly drivers and courteous passengers. If you are really concerned about going green, ride-and support-the shuttle.

P.S. Dan, FYI there is a grey shuttle in addition to the white one.

Marlene Russum Scott

Oak Park

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