Ms. Viviano, Ms. Wallingford, Mr. Hafner and their friends have discovered what many other Oak Park residents have learned the hard way-that park district head Gary Balling plays loose with the truth. [Sand volleyball players protest lost courts, News, Aug. 13]

They have also discovered that if your board members want an ice skating rink (former commissioner David Kindler) or soccer field (board president Mark Gartland) for them and their kids, then the “focus” groups they will invite for “citizen involvement” will be the ice skating or soccer groups. Ms. Viviano, Ms. Wallingford, and Mr. Hafner and their friends are, like the vast majority of residents, not members of an organized group which includes board members. So, they are ignored, lied to, and told, “We had community meetings and you could have attended.” The deck is stacked against you. Join the club of Oak Parkers fed up with the park district.

Henry L. Dietzler

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AMEN AMEN AMEN! Mr. Dietzler hit the nail on the head. My husband and I and our kids are all members of the “club.”

Jill Whilhyte

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As a
Rehm Park neighbor, I am concerned about the idea of adding sand volleyball courts to Rehm Park. Instead of finding the right place for this recreational opportunity, Rehm is apparently being considered because it is the park currently going through the master planning process and a promise was made to the sand volleyball players. There is something fundamentally wrong with this logic. While I look forward to hearing the actual details, I cannot support this type of planning. Focus should be placed on finding the appropriate location rather than changing Rehm, which is a lovely park that works with a balance of green space and amenities, this balance should not be changed with the addition of sand volleyball courts or other new facilities.

Susan Raphael

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