From early in the discussion regarding a handgun ban through the referendum, I was a member of the Freedom Committee, one of the groups opposing the ban. As the owner of a car carrying a roof-top sign from the Freedom Committee, there was little doubt where I stood on the matter.

Early evening of the referendum, having presented my credentials earlier, I was on my way to a voting place to obtain the results of the referendum. Without apparent provocation, I was stopped by an
Oak Park policeman. The “officer” approached my car, addressed me by name and told me he wanted the committee to know the policemen were 100 percent in favor, of course. They realized they may at some time need back up and wanted to be confident of its source.

When I asked if this included the chief, I was told that as any comment agreeing with our side might cost the chief his job, no comment.

Subsequent one-on-one discussions with policemen confirmed the election evening opinion.

David Gawne



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