Why does Barbara Alexander Mullarkey have only questions and no solutions when she writes letters to the editor? Why does she define diversity so narrowly? How can she possibly object to the appointment of a highly qualified woman who now joins the only other female on a 7-member board? Does the range of age and experience on the board not count on the diversity scale? Does the presence of gay and straight governing together get no diversity nod? Why does she not acknowledge that in 2003 she herself ran for trustee on a slate of all-Caucasian candidates?

Why does she not mention that in the 2005 trustee elections, the VMA (a group she routinely excoriates) put forth three racially diverse candidates, none of whom the voters chose to elect? Is she not remorseful for helping elect in 2005 two trustees, one a racial minority, who lasted less than a year in office, and both of whom were singularly unprepared for leadership?

Does she think that she’s the only one who recognizes the problem we have in
Oak Park with under-representation of minorities on the village board and the village’s commissions? As a member of the Village Citizen Involvement Commission, why doesn’t she share her insights about how to successfully recruit racial minority candidates?

Will Ms. Mullarkey ever write a letter to the editor that contains only declarative sentences and that puts forth specific ways we can all encourage other minorities to become part of village governance?

Alan Amato

Oak Park

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