Underlying tensions on the village board surfaced several times during it’s July 28 meeting, even as the board moved forward with a full agenda.

A special board meeting is scheduled for tonight to deal with appointments to various village boards, as well as an executive session to discuss what one informed source called “continuing fall out from the police consultant’s report.”

During last Monday’s meeting President Frank Paris bristled at a suggestion by Trustee Steve Dudek that his nominations for seats on the Development Review Board (DRB) be separated from a list of appointments to other committees and voted on separately.

Paris said he felt that was being disrespectful to his two DRB appointees. Dudek replied he simply wanted to express his concern over no architect yet being appointed to the DRB despite his repeated requests that it be done. He said he intended to vote “no” on the DRB appointments, but didn’t want to vote against the seven people nominated to five other boards and commissions.

“I’d ask for that courtesy from the board, though I don’t expect to get it,” said Dudek.

Dudek did, in fact, get that courtesy when Susan Conti voted “yes” on the separation motion. As the separation motion passed 4-2, Paris stared at Conti while interim village attorney Lance Malina started to explain the ramifications of the vote.

“I’m going to withdraw all of the nominations,” Paris interrupted. “They’re all withdrawn.” When Conti started to question Paris, he replied, “They’re all withdrawn. That’s it,” calling the separation motion “a silly thing to do.”

“I’m not going to let trustees make appointments on my behalf.”

At least two trustees who voted for the separation motion said they intended to vote for all of Paris’ appointments, in addition to Conti.

Dudek said afterward he appreciated Conti’s gesture.

Tasers tabled

Several trustees expressed surprise that the issues of Tasers (electronic stun guns) was on the meeting agenda. Police Chief Nicholas Weiss was present to make a brief presentation in favor of the use of the so-called impact weapon, but the issue clearly was a non-starter with most trustees.

The lack of enthusiasm was expressed across political lines, as the board voted 5-1, with Conti opposed, to send the issue to the board’s police committee for possible future discussion.

The board adjourned following an hour-long executive session during which outside legal counsel Patrick Deady was grilled for a third time by trustees about his investigation into alleged rules violations related to the village’s old parking ticket forgiveness program.

-Bill Dwyer

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