The time has finally and definitively come to introduce the term “FOSV” (Foolishly Over-Sized Vehicles or, in the vulgate, effing oversized vehicles or !&*#ing oversized etc.). Sometimes referred to as SUVs, UTEs, etc., they are coming increasingly into disrepute by virtue of soaring gas prices. We all have friends, good neighbors, and loved ones who drive them, and therefore over the years have not called them by their real name.

Some (not all) FOSV drivers get in the left lane while on their cellphones and block our vision of the road. Some (not all) FOSV drivers coming the opposite way on small, two-way streets expect us to move over to the right so they can pass, many of them soccer mothers, unsure of their ability to maneuver their FOSVs skillfully.

By calling them what they are, we can perhaps over the years-to-come help diminish the population on the road of FOSVs.

Lanny Lutz

Oak Park


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