I am a native Oak Parker, raised in the 1950s at

1014 N. Harvey Ave.
across from Hatch School. You’d call me a DOOPer, which I am. Anyway, I certainly enjoyed your grocery store piece. [Grocery list, LifeLines, July 9].

I’d like to add a few more that were not listed. I used to shop on

North Avenue
near Austin. Of course, I could ride my bike alone and visit these stores. One was called “Jim’s Dairy” at Taylor or even Humphrey and North-on the west corner. The other store was the A & P. That for sure was on the east corner of Humphrey and North. It was a tiny A & P. No parking lot at all. I’m sure you know about the “dime store” in that block since it was there forever. Homer’s Restaurant was in the block, too, before King Fong took that location. If you need any other info, I’d be happy to recall my memory.

Thanks again for including that article!

Judy Compton

Retired Beye teacher and Unity Temple singer

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