Doug Deuchler,

A fair, balanced, and honest review, as always, of Much Ado About Nothing. [‘Much
Ado‘ is worth a view, LifeLines, June 18]

So unlike the review by that “other” Oak Park paper, which is annoyingly nit-picking and overlooks the fine performances of the ensemble, especially Hero, Don John, his brother, Dogberry, Claudio, and of course, the two leads. I went to see the play last night and want to congratulate the entire ensemble for a very pleasant evening.

The older I get, the more appreciative I become of these young actors who toil away under the hot sun, rehearsing through the months of May and June before giving us, as you mentioned, a thoroughly streamlined and “American” Shakespeare. Actually makes me want to pull out my college textbooks and read the script again!

Henrietta Atkin

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