With all the hullabaloo about Ridgeland Common, I’ve been thinking of ways to meet everyone’s needs and agendas regarding everything in one fell swoop. Here’s where I’m at so far:

We move the proposed, extraordinary, Ridgeland Common below ground, say near Ridgeland and the Eisenhower. Or, wait, we close the Eisenhower and use the space for a parking garage and a roller rink, and the common. We can even light it all up. While we’re at it, we can toss in the Colt building and then cap the whole damn thing.

But first we have to get a study committee together to fritter away the millions needed to think these things through. The committee will have to be made up of smart people who know how to spend other people’s money, and they have to have pleasant smiles and wear spiffy sweaters.

Next we come up with three proposals: small, medium and large. Even though we are probably going to get the extra large, it’s nice to think we have choices.

Fortunately, resources are infinite for pet projects in
Oak Park. If we can’t produce the funds through revenues, we cut pesky village services, re-jigger tax districts or saddle the village with more debt through bond offerings. Oops.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at so far.

Michael O’Malley

Oak Park

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