We seem to keep having developers who are proposing taking current public parking areas and building large condo/retail buildings. While each of those buildings will have hundreds of parking spaces, wouldn’t each new condo owner need those spaces for their cars? In the case of the Lake/Forest proposal, with 200+ condos, if we figure 2 car spaces per condo, that would leave only 200 parking spaces for the public, well short of the 750 the village master plan calls for. It is even worse with the proposals for the

Station Street
area, where there are only about 450 parking spaces for 200 condos, and at two spaces per condo, that leaves 50 or fewer public spaces in what is currently one of our prime downtown area parking lots. We need to be very clear with any developer as to what part of their proposed parking will be public parking vs. set asides for building residents.

M. Robinson


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