The reporting of the Supreme Court’s 2nd Amendment decision in the Friday Chicago Tribune included a troubling quote from our own David Pope. His statement accused the court’s majority of enabling “gangbangers” to ravage our community, when, in fact, the minority justices were the ones siding with the “bad people.”

The unconstitutionality of
Oak Park‘s ordinance is now a matter of record. Citizens have a right to protect their own homes and property if they wish. The “gangbangers” will approach our community unsure of who will or who will not stand up and protect his family and property. That is a deterrent that has worked all over this nation without major tax expenditure.

Evil people with illegal guns and bad intentions find no shelter in this ruling. Good people who enjoy shooting sports and are willing to resist armed felons are the only victors. Hand-wringing “best intentions” will not stop a thief who covets your “stuff.” The sound of a 12 gauge shell slamming into the chamber will.

The original intent of the 2nd Amendment had nothing to do with “gangbangers” thieves, hunters or sportsmen. Our founders had a fear of tyrannical politicians who would pervert power and laws to their own best interest, so they assured us the right to arm ourselves against crooked dishonest politicians. The first priority of dictators is to disarm the populace. History has repeated that lesson over and over again.

Our community should take the lead in making gun safety and training available as a priority for our residents. The NRA offers communities assistance setting up such programs. There are several people locally who are qualified to teach both safety and actual shooting skills. I fear a citizen who purchases a firearm for protection and is never trained in its use.

Yes, I am an NRA life member, I shot as a member of the Illinois State Rifle Association pistol team for seven years at the national matches,
Camp Perry in Ohio. I have no idea how I would react to an armed intruder in my home. I do know that loading aiming and accurately firing a handgun is a skill I do possess. That gives me the upper hand in confronting the intruder and the confidence not to injure an innocent bystander. I have fired tens of thousands of rounds, always at paper targets, never in anger and always with range safety as a first priority.

Ray Simpson

Oak Park

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