So, July 4th is past, eh? Whoosh! goes the summer. We’ve been really busy sitting on the couch and wishing we would keel over with some non-life-threatening disease that necessitated a little vacation in the hospital, just for six weeks or so. Ever feel that way? No? Oh, well.

We have decided that, as our children are now too old to do what we say or to even listen to us without snorting, we need to acquire a doll to do our bidding. Fortunately, more than one opportunity for adding a non-living family member presents itself locally.

The River Forest Park District is offering American Girl Hawaiian Dolly on Monday, July 14, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. ( This class is for ages 3-9, strictly speaking, but if they’re too strict with us, we’ll cry and demand to be taken to the hospital. We’re also a little worried that we’re supposed to bring a doll along with us. We have Douglas, the smaller of our two dogs, on standby, in case. He has professed great enthusiasm for the project without appearing to understand what exactly he’s agreed to, a stage in our own children’s development that we greatly miss.

And then Pamela Penney Textile Arts, at 130 Harrison St. (, is offering an opportunity for us to participate in what they call “not so ugly doll” making. This sounds exactly right. While they imply that a pleasing appearance is desirable, we are made to feel that, should our silent cohort turn out less than perfect, we could still do a lot worse.

Not to be missed: the Neurosurgery Reality Show with River Forest neurosurgeon Gail Rosseau and her son Brendan, Thursday, July 10, at 7:30 p.m. at River Forest Public Library, 735 Lathrop Ave.

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