Patricia Spagat and those neighbors for whom she appears to speak are quite possessive of Taylor Park. [Say no to a dog park at Taylor, Viewpoints, June 18]

She wants more open space, more trees, bushes and flowers, no storage buildings, less playground space, and most of all no dog park! There are hundreds of places in
Oak Park with these requirements and with the good maintenance and security she requires: our own backyards.

In backyards we are able to landscape, use, or restrict use of the site as we choose without considering the needs of other users or financiers of the property. Ms. Spagat feels that Taylor Park is “too small to go regional.” To what region does she refer-the remainder of
Oak Park?

At the beginning of her letter, Ms. Spagat expresses her concern that “children and dogs will be mixed throughout the park with no supervision,” resulting in lawsuits. While I admit to having seen the rare lost child or dog wandering unattended, I can’t visualize the horror and chaos of her imaginings. Most often I have seen dogs and children (both under supervision) enjoying each other’s company.

I was most amused by her statement that the dog park should stay at Ridgeland Common where, “the dogs and their owners are happier than they would ever be at Taylor Park.” How many dogs did she survey? I would love to have heard their responses!

Phyllis Wendel

Is there a hidden agenda by Wednesday Journal since the “Say no to a dog park at
Taylor” letter ran twice in the 6/25 Viewpoints?

Regarding the viewpoint, I would like to know where the writer obtained the research that supports the position that “house values, especially along Ridgeland, will drop dramatically” if a dog park exists. And, to answer the question posed, “Would you care to live across the street from a dog park?” My answer would be yes. For dog owners that could be a real advantage and may increase property values.

Mark Schlosser

Editor’s note: No hidden agenda, just inefficiency. We goofed in running the letter twice. Our apologies.

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