Longshoreman-social writer-philosopher Eric Hoffer wrote in The Passionate Mind that rudeness is a weak man’s manifestation of strength. At no time during the past 15 years have Frank Paris’ weaknesses become more apparent than at a village board meeting earlier this month.

When village resident Ed Hanrahan made inquiries of
Paris regarding his ownership interest in a major River Forest vendor, Paris‘ response was a vitriolic, defamatory attack on Hanrahan, an attack reaching new heights, even for Paris, for rudeness at a village board meeting. In short, Paris exceeded himself!

Rudeness by
Paris while presiding at village board meetings is, of course, nothing new. Furthermore, it far exceeds the level of disrespect by previous presiding officers whom I have been observing for nearly a half century. When challenged, he is not hesitant to warping the board’s rules in exhibiting disrespect for supporters and non-supporters alike. In recent years the level of his rudeness and rule-warping has been proportional to the number of independent trustees.

Paris‘ “imitation of strength” has not yet extended to our village as a whole, a consequence that would adversely impact the quality of life for its residents.

George A. Parry

River Forest

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