“We’re getting additional information from both sides, and they’re clarifying the economics of the proposals,” said Village President David Pope. “It would ill-suit the public to try to negotiate dollars in the press.” [Colt developers’ subsidies shrink, News, June 11]

I respectfully disagree. We taxpayers are going to be the one footing the bill for this project and supporting the building when it doesn’t generate $54 million or $42 million or any other magic number the developers come up with. There are already numerous empty storefronts on

Lake Street
, and we are going to add anywhere from 36,000 to 50,000 square feet more?

This is also money that will be lost to our schools when this becomes a TIF project. I urge our trustees to take a long look at this and its outcomes on the village before leaving us with a project we can’t afford.

Dave Slade


I have lived in this wonderful village for nearly 18 years, renting and owning. I would like to say if our village board continues to spend like there is no tomorrow, I and many other villagers will probably have to move due to the excessive high taxes that continue to go up.

Within three years my taxes will be as much or greater than my mortgage! What’s wrong with this picture? Let’s see the village figure out a tax break for all, and that, to me, would be more impressive than what has been going on here in the past. My father always said it doesn’t take a great mind to spend money. It takes an even greater mind to save. Is anyone in the village listening?

F. Pignataro

Oak Park


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