There’s something about summertime that seems to inspire people to clean out corners and get a fresh start. Take for example the annual Oak Park Book Fair in August. Is this really necessary? Must we all go peer at our bookshelves, realize it’s high time we cleared out all those theater books we haven’t pulled off the shelf in years, then put them in boxes and take them somewhere?

If so, how far away must they go? Are we ready to say goodbye forever, or do we just drag them upstairs to the attic, which has recently gotten too crowded to walk through? No, that would mean we would then have to take a long, hard look at the attic and that, my friends, will be a cold day in hell and not a hot day in the summertime.

Do we then have to take the irreversible step of carting them to Oak Park and River Forest High School in order to insert them into specially marked bins, available starting July 5, so that they may be sold at the annual Book Fair August 1-2? Yes, my friends, that is exactly what we must do. And why must we do this? Because without books, it’s just us and the machines. Quickly, call the Friends of the Oak Park Public Library at 445-6260. The code word is “Luddite.”

No we are absolutely not going to wear a bathing suit to Scoville Park on Sunday, July 6, for the free 5:30 p.m. Dave Rudolf: Beach Party concert. If you want to see tracts of flesh, go see The Full Monty at Village Players Theatre, 1010 Madison St. (866/764-1010). No shows this weekend, since it’s the Fourth of July, but you’ll be too busy putting books in boxes this week anyway.

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