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The police committee of
River Forest‘s village board will meet in closed session tomorrow afternoon as allegations surface about continued harassment of police supervisors by the department’s command staff. That meeting, which is scheduled to begin at , will include Village President Frank Paris, Village Administrator Steve Gutierrez and Police Chief Nicholas Weiss.

Committee chair Steve Hoke declined to disclose the specific focus of the meeting, but said the meeting was called after he and others learned of new developments this week. 

“I have conferred with President Paris, and we thought this was the quickest and best way to ensure that the administration, the police command and the village board are all aligned in regards to personnel process in the department,” Hoke said this morning.

Weiss confirmed this afternoon he would attend the meeting, but said he had no other information.

“I haven’t seen the agenda, but I’ll be there,” he said. He declined to discuss any alleged suspensions, saying such matters are personnel issues.

Wednesday Journal has learned from people informed about the matter that the meeting is in response to a number of alleged acts of retaliation against senior police supervisors by Weiss and one or more of his deputies.

At least two supervisory officers, Lt. Craig Rutz and Sgt. Michael Thornley, have recently received three-day suspensions. Thornley’s suspension, which is reportedly because of his improperly calling in sick, is due to be served July 1-3; Rutz’s is pending. Wednesday Journal is told that at least one suspension is likely to go to the village’s board of police and fire commissioners.

Wednesday Journal also has been told that the police command has pressured some patrol officers to cooperate in efforts to disclose suspected improper behavior by the two supervisors and others.

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