West Suburban Medical Center-which has operated a satellite health clinic in Mills Park Tower since 1993-plans to pull out of the location next Monday, along with similar ones at the Oak Park Arms and The Oaks. All three facilities are residences for seniors in Oak Park.

Hospital officials say the satellite offices have failed to cover costs for years. Similar services will reportedly be provided at West Sub’s main hospital on Austin Boulevard. Officials at two of the senior buildings, however, say the hospital is abandoning the elderly there and taking away a service that gives seniors freedom.

Ed Solan, executive director of the organizations that run Mills Tower and The Oaks, said they’re talking to two companies interested in running the offices. He declined to name them and could not give a timeline for a selection.

“We want to minimize the downtime as much as we can,” he said.

Moses Williams, executive director at the Oak Park Arms, said he’s talking to three health care providers and hopes to sign a five-year agreement with one.

Village Trustee Greg Marsey has been vocal about the centers closing and reached out to the local state senator and representatives on the issue. However, there was nothing they could do, he said.

“We’re just changing the mode of delivery; we’re not discontinuing the service,” the hospital’s CEO, Jay Kreuzer, told Wednesday Journal last month.

-Marty Stempniak

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