On Monday evening, May 19, a group of about 40 people were playing bridge in the St. Giles second floor meeting room. At about , the lights in the room suddenly went out. An emergency light was in the stairway, but no other lights were working on the second floor.

One member of the group called 911 and the rectory to see how we could safely evacuate the building. Within a few minutes, the Oak Park Fire Department responded and was able to lead us down the stairs calmly and with great concern for me as I am using a walker and had to be carried in a chair down the stairs and helped into the van. They made sure we bridge players were all evacuated from the building and then met with Father Dore, the pastor, about the cause of the emergency.

Thank you,
Oak Park firefighters, the 911 Response Team, and Father Tom Dore for ending the evening for me on a high note. And thank you to the St. Giles Bridge Players who stayed long enough in the dark to clean up the room, remove the cards, refreshments, etc. Our background training really came through-take care of people first, but never leave the place in a mess.

Kay Bracco

Oak Park

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