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With the plenitude of shopping in Boystown, getting yourself and your home, office or pet accessorized in pride colors is a can-do anytime of year.

But if you’d missed these local finds, and you need that extra nudge to opt for any of them, this is the weekend to invest in all things rainbow.

If further rationalization is needed-we understand; we shop-take note of the rainbow’s symbolism.

Each color represents a dimension of the gay community and its heritage: red is for life, orange for healing, yellow for the sun, green for nature, royal blue for harmony and violet for spirit.

This year marks a 30th rainbow anniversary. The pride flag debuted in 1978 at the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Freedom Parade.



Where to shop

Batteries Not Included

, 3420 N. Halsted, 11-midnight Sun-Thurs, 11-1 Fri, 10-2 Sat


, 3400 N. Halsted, noon-9 Mon-Thurs, 11-11 Fri, Sat, noon-9 Sun


, 3401 N. Broadway, 11-7 Mon-Fri, 11-6 Sat, 11-5 Sun

Gay Mart

, 3459 N. Halsted,
11-7 Mon-Thurs, 11-8 Fri, 11-7 Sat, noon-7 Sun

He Who Eats Mud

, 3247 N. Broadway,
10-8 Mon-Fri, 10-7 Sat, noon-6 Sun


, 3337 N. Broadway,
11-8 Mon-Fri, 10-6 Sat, Sun

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