Since many things drive me crazy in Oak Park, my letters to the editor can sometimes be long-winded. But this one will be relatively short and sweet.

Before the geniuses running
Oak Park consider spending anywhere between $38,000,000 and $100,000,000 ($2,000 for every man, woman and child in Oak Park without any debt service included) on Ridgeland Common, I want my alley fixed and every street in the village repaired to optimum driving condition. Mr. Pope is not allowed to include any brick pavers; he’ll have to do without.

Also, while acknowledging that our local culture is loath to deny anyone anything, we need to consider that if this renovation is so important to the baseball teams, hockey players (I used to play), figure skaters and the lap swimmers, they should pay for it. This is a novel concept for village government.

Finally, with significant tax increases looming from District 97, the state of Illinois, a local sales tax increase and Barack Obama, we better pause and think who and how in the hell are we going to pay all of this?

Richard J. Gorman

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