Talk about selective memory. [Goodbye, Boomer politicians, and good riddance, John Hubbuch, Viewpoints, May 21]

Boomers made significant changes in every element of our culture (from music to technology).

Boomers marched in hundreds of demonstrations, many of them with tens of thousands of participants. Demonstrations brought attention to
Vietnam and racial and gender civil rights.

Boomers fought the draft. The new generation volunteers to go to war (volunteer army since 1976). Regardless of your position on the current wars, boomers aggressively challenged the status quo. Today we have “position papers.”

You are correct-boomers have let their achievements slip away. The Patriot Act,
Guantanamo, at least Johnson and Nixon tried to hide it. Our whole country just acquiesced.

Why? Because the boomers already got off the stage and went away. Boomers need to get back in the thick of it. This is the 40th anniversary of the history-making events of 1968.

Can I get a “Hey, Hey, LBJ …”?

Tony Stonitsch

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