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Has your dog been lonely lately? Sniffing more behinds than usual?

Well Downtown Oak Park offers the cure this October, when it plans to host the world’s largest dog wedding. DTOP is inviting dog owners from all over, to shatter the current record of 178 canine couples.

The event will even offer speed-dating for dogs, to quickly pair up any stray single mutts.

“Kind of a meet-and-greet where owners can get dogs to meet, get a marriage license and participate in the ceremony,” said DTOP Executive Director Pat Zubak.

The event might sound silly, but the cause is serious. DTOP-a non-profit marketing and promotions agency for Oak Park’s largest business district-hopes to raise $25,000 for the village’s Animal Care League. The funds will be raised through the doggie marriage licenses, which will cost $5 a pop, er, pup.

Village President David Pope is tentatively scheduled to preside over the ceremony. But the Guinness Book of World Records must first give its blessing for Pope to run the event. It’s planned for Oct. 4 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the newly renovated Marion Street, just south of Lake.

DTOP first started exploring the possibility of hosting the event a year ago. It believed the mark of 178 couples-set by Littleton, Colo. last year-was beatable.

“To me it was an achievable record to break again,” Zubak said. “And I thought Oak Park, being the dog-loving community it is, just seemed natural.”

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