An Oak Park man with a history of alleged drunken threats to his ex-wife and her family members has been arrested for violating a court order of protection. The arrest marks the fifth time in as many months and the seventh time since 2006 that Donald Hoffenkamp has been arrested for violating the court, which bans him from going near his ex-wife.

This morning, a judge set total bonds of $20,000 and revoked Hoffenkamp’s conditional release from jail. Police say Hoffenkamp, 50, formerly of New Lenox, who now lives at 201 N. Oak Park Ave., was arrested at about 9 p.m. last night after being observed yelling obscenities as he walked past his ex-wife’s home on the 600 block of Gunderson.

Hoffenkamp, who has told police he’s unemployed, appeared in court at the Maybrook Courthouse today. The judge set a $10,000 bond for the latest violation of the court order of protection, and set a June 19 court date. He also revoked Hoffenkamp’s conditional discharge from Cook County Jail and set an additional $10,000 bond.

“He needs $2,000 to be released from jail,” said Oak Park police chief Rick Tanksley.

On May 7, just out of Cook County Jail after being found guilty of violating a prior order of protection, Hoffenkamp allegedly repeatedly phoned his wife and was again arrested and jailed. Hoffenkamp was also arrested Feb. 20, March 28 and April 20, as well as in April 2006 and August 2007.

Tanksley said his department is well aware of Hoffenkamp and is taking steps to enforce the court order. He said police have had a special watch on the Gunderson Avenue home and Hoffenkamp’s photo has been circulated to all patrol officers, including the area residential beat officer. Hoffenkamp’s ex-wife has been told to call police at the slightest sign of trouble. But Tanksley says the ultimate answer lies with the court system.

“We can arrest him, but it’s the court that establishes the penalties,” he said. “Given this individual’s history in blatantly disregarding the court’s order and harassing his ex-wife, I think the court should take a harsh stance on any future violation.”

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