Thanks for your article “Certifiedland grocers closing doors after 26 years” [News, May 28]. Although it’s a sad sign of the times to say goodbye to this fine institution, I’m glad their important contribution to Oak Park was recognized. Certifiedland shoppers, please don’t despair! Just a few blocks away, Villager Foods at 1135 Chicago, is an excellent local grocer that deserves your support and will earn your respect. The owner, Butch Novak, and all of the Villager store employees go above and beyond to provide great service, home deliveries, and a wonderful selection. Their butcher shop is the best in town! Please stop by and give Villager your business.

Wendy Senger


Sadly, I don’t have any reason to believe it, but I sure hope those ‘unconfirmed reports’ are true. I really hope the store finds another location-and nearby, too. Things aren’t supposed to happen that way when you devote your whole life to a business that is loved and appreciated by so many.

Diane Krstulovich

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