We are in No Mood and want to Get Away From It All. Unfortunately, this is out of the question, what with children graduating to the right and to the left of us. But we can at least escape for an evening to Circle Theatre in Forest Park to see Enchanted April, traveling vicariously with three other women to a rented castle in wartime Italy, and that sounds very nice indeed. The play runs only through this Sunday (www.circle-theatre.org), the very day, in fact, that we’ll be smilingly hosting a barbeque for all the relatives, who have gone to great lengths to travel here to share in the glory of our children’s accomplishments. If only all the party preparations could be accomplished via cellphone from a rented Italian castle, preferably one with help included.

We know how you love to complain about civic decisions, and isn’t that what life in a village is all about? But if you don’t go to the Ridgeland Common Plan Final Meeting on Saturday, June 7, at 9:30 a.m. (www.oakparkparks.com), your whining rights on this particular renovation are forever revoked. You haven’t been to any of the other three meetings, right? We didn’t think so. So go to the meeting and kvetch now or forever hold your peace. It’s at Beye School, 230 N. Cuyler.

Beye School is also the sponsor of a Bag Sale outside the Farmers’ Market this summer (jevansfamily@comcast.net), selling reusable shopping bags for $5 apiece. We want you to buy a couple because we want to know if you’ll be any better than we are about actually remembering to take them into the store and use them, or if, like us, they never occur to you until the actual moment of check-out.

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