How very sad that we are about to say farewell to the wonderful people who maintain Certifiedland on

Lake Street

I recently read “Waltzing at the Piggy Wiggly.” A small local store was losing money and was in danger of closing, due to the mega-mart that had taken over the town.

A group of widowed women decided to help out financially and arranged a successful fundraiser. All the while I was reading this story, I was thinking of Certifiedland.

The Piggly Wiggly story was fiction, but Certifiedland is our reality. It’s our loss, and a tremendous one at that.

Kathleen Wrobel

Oak Park

I have been a patron of Certifiedland throughout most of its 26 years, and have much preferred shopping there than at any of the larger chains. Quality has always been high, especially produce and meat, prices competitive, and the level of personal service-where the owners know your name-has made it feel like being in a small town. Jim and George and their staff will be sorely missed.

Marge Ferroli Lane

Very, very, very, very, very, very sad.

You will be missed-by many-for a long, long time!

Good luck!

Diane Krstulovich

Many people will be dismayed at the loss of this fine store. Other communities help the businesses relocate and give a tax break or other incentives for staying. Not
Oak Park. Ms. Daly, you have to try harder, or all our businesses will be gone. If not to Forest Park, then to oblivion.

Jean Heyes

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