I am writing to thank state Senator Don Harmon for all the help he is giving those of us who live in condo associations and multi-story building with elevators. He has introduced amendments in the state senate to either postpone or eliminate politically motivated state regulations regarding elevators.

These regulations (which some people call “The Elevator Companies Welfare Act”) will cost my condominium association about $4,000 per unit owner (If your building was built before 1975, your bill could be even higher). If you rent in an elevator building, these increased costs will be reflected in your rent.

The State Fire Marshal says that these regulations are necessary for safety reasons. If this is true, then we must ask the question, “Why is the City of
Chicago exempt from these regulations?” Why doesn’t Chicago, which probably has as many elevators as the rest of the state combined, have to upgrade its elevators? Thus far, no one has come up with an answer.

Al Popowits

River Forest


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