• Two men jumped out at another man walking south at Marion and Pleasant in the very early morning of May 9. One of them displayed a black or silver handgun and placed it at the side of the victim’s head, stating “shut up or I’ll cap [you].” The other offender grabbed the victim’s cell phone and hat, then demanded his wallet. The victim complied, and lost a total of $440.
  • A man walking in front of 245 Cuyler in the late evening on May 8 was approached from the rear by a 17-year-old from Chicago who placed a metal pipe about 18 inches long to the side of his neck in an attempt to take his money. Two other young men, also from Chicago, acted as look-outs, and all three were taken into custody. They admitted to entering 134 S. Lombard via an unlocked window that same night. They admitted to stealing an iPod and a laptop computer, and were charged with residential burglary.
  • A man entered the 7-Eleven at 240 W. Chicago Ave. displaying a black semiautomatic weapon in the early morning of May 11. He ordered the clerk to open the register, threatening to shoot if he did not, and then fled with around $300.
  • A man armed with a seven-inch kitchen knife approached a woman from behind at 615 South Boulevard in the afternoon on May 8. He then placed the knife to the victim’s chest and stole her brown suede purse, which contained a cell phone and $70.
  • Robert L. Gholston, 18, and Dane Jones, 18, both of 6118 W. Roosevelt in Oak Park, and Quinton L. Murphy, 17, of 1115 N. Harlem in Oak Park, along with two juvenile Oak Park residents, were arrested for robbery on May 8 after being identified as the offenders who took a male juvenile’s iPod near 351 Garfield. One of the offenders then struck the victim in the face with a closed fist. The offenders were also charged with aggravated battery on a public way.


  • Carl N. Madison, 33, of 5350 N. Oriole, Chicago and Rodger M. Hennessy, 26, of 3319 N. Oriole in Chicago, were arrested and charged with felony theft and felony criminal damage after being identified as the men who removed a copper downspout from a garage at 337 S. Elmwood. Hennessy was also charged with driving with a suspended license and with no proof of insurance.
  • Late on May 9 or early on May 10, unknown person(s) removed approximately 15 feet of copper downspouts from residences at 704 and 714 Lyman, causing a total estimated loss of $350 at each residence.
  • On the evening of May 9, Amanda L. Gumns, 25, of Las Vegas, and Christopher M. Brennan, 25, of Webster, Kentucky, were arrested by River Forest police for theft by deception and soliciting without a permit at 559 Jackson. They are accused of falsely telling River Forest residents that they lived on adjacent blocks and were raising funds for a trip as supposed members of Northwestern University’s intramural baseball and softball teams.
  • Unknown person(s) entered the garage at 1016 Hayes late on May 10 or early on May 11 and stole a silver 2001 Jaguar S-Type worth $22,000.
  • In the morning of May 8, unknown offender(s) by unknown means stole 300 gallons of gasoline worth $1,200 from the tank at the Citgo at 333 Lake.
  • Unknown person(s) stole the catalytic converter from a tan 1994 Toyota Four Runner at 332 S. Euclid late on May 6 or early on May 7, for an estimated loss of $1,500.
  • An unidentified male stole two pairs of Nike baby shoes worth $34.99 from Famous Footwear in River Forest in the afternoon on May 9 and then fled at a high speed.
  • A male is believed to have stolen a $30 eye cream from For Appearance’s Sake salon at 7603 North Ave. in the early afternoon on May 8.


  • Jermaine Echoles, 21, of 2836 W. 141st, in south suburban Blue Island, was arrested at 241 S. Home Ave. early in the morning on May 10 for burglarizing garages at 215 and 249 S. Kenilworth. On the same morning, unknown person(s) entered the garages at 221 and 247 S. Kenilworth by possible means of a pry tool and ransacked the garages, causing $175 in damage at each location.
  • On the morning of May 6, unknown person(s) gained entry to the black Acura at 1135 N. Harlem by breaking the driver side window. The offender(s) stole a leather briefcase containing a laptop, a Blackberry, and credit cards, for an estimated loss of $3,900.
  • Unknown person(s) entered 9 Randolph in the late morning on May 8 through an unlocked bedroom window and stole a laptop computer and video camera worth an estimated $3,050.
  • Late on May 5 or early on May 6, unknown person(s) entered the garage at 337 Wisconsin, possibly through the unlocked side service door. The offender(s) entered an unlocked 2001 BMW and stole the stereo/navigation system and a nano iPod, for an estimated loss of $2,200.
  • During the day on May 9, unknown person(s) gained entry to an apartment at 929 S. Oak Park Ave. by using a key to unlock the front door, and stole a 42-inch television worth an estimated $2,000.
  • Late on May 10 or early on May 11, unknown person(s) entered the garage at 1218 N. Grove through the unlocked side service door and took golf clubs with an estimated value of $1,600.
  • Offender(s) entered a condo on the 7200 block of Greenfield Street in the afternoon on May 9 and took various items, including a laptop and a DVD player.


  • Early in the morning on May 10, Thomas M. Kenny, 46, was arrested at his home at 121 Franklin Ave. for two counts of domestic battery allegedly committed the night before.
  • A man entered Green Plan Management at 41 Chicago on the afternoon of May 8 and squeezed another man’s arm, stating he was going to be back the next Friday and wanted $1,020 for his belongings or he was going to shoot the victim.

Drug possession

  • In the late morning of May 8, Yara Burgos, 27, of 1442 S. 14th Ave. in Maywood, was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, the drug PCP, with intent to deliver, after an accident near Lynch Dental Center at 340 Lathrop Avenue.

These items were obtained from police reports filed by the Oak Park and River Forest police departments from May 6 to May 12. Not all incidents that occurred are listed. Anyone named in reports has only been charged with a crime and cases have not yet been adjudicated.

-Compiled by Alex McLeese

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