The tax situation in Oak Park is out of control and the village needs to step up to the plate and look at what is happening.

I live in a 2-bedroom, 1-bath condo of approximately 900 square feet. I have no yard and no deeded parking space. My taxes jumped from $3,100 to $5,100 this past year. Though I am not going to lose my condo because of a crappy loan, I’m concerned that I will lose it because of the taxes.

Our building has 51 units and takes up about three houses worth of land. If we each pay an average $3,500 (for sake of argument), this property pays $178,500 in taxes per year.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Would three houses pay $178,500 worth of taxes? Can you tell me?

If I got a parking spot, or maybe some overnight guest parking relief (don’t get me started), or maybe even a good excuse for either of the two, I’d be happy. Better yet, maybe we can contact some of the homeowners who claim condo owners don’t pay taxes and don’t deserve to have some of the luxuries they have (like parking too close to my house) and ask them?

We’re voted out parking on streets in front of homes (are they still using that lame old excuse about preventing crime?) yet we get taxed as if we owned much more than the matchboxes we live in. Something has to give here.

Maybe I should just get the hell out and go back to the city like everyone else is doing.

Vivian Colon

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