I recently sat in a River Forest Finance and Administration Committee meeting when the discussion turned to funding the River Forest police pension. Resident George Parry was seated in the audience. Mr. Parry is a nice elderly gentleman. He usually sits in the back of the meeting room and just stares. However, when the need arises, he jumps out of his chair and races up to the front of the room to grab the microphone and give us his words of wisdom.

Mr. Parry prides himself as an expert on all financial matters. He is a professional financial analyst. He is the guy to go to for all the answers. Three of the village trustees consult with Parry on a regular basis. His wisdom and guidance is irreplaceable. Parry is the answer man. Just ask him a question and he’ll give you the answer.

I have never seen George at a loss for words, perhaps with one exception. When asked at a meeting by my fellow Trustee Susan Conti how the village would find the additional revenue to continue to increase funding of the Police Department Pension Fund, Parry responded, “I don’t know, that’s your problem.” I was shocked! Parry was at a loss for words. He didn’t have the answer.

I know the answer, George. You and your three cohorts would favor a tax increase to provide additional financial support for the police pension fund in the years to come, while the three majority trustees would not favor a tax increase.

The problem is, George, you won’t have Frank Paris to kick around anymore. What a shame. Too bad you don’t have all the answers.

Patrick J. O’Brien

River Forest Village Trustee

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