Every Friday with the church bell, we witness for peace.

Iraq war just passed two sad mile marks-this tragic war’s fifth long year … and the death of the 4,000th young American.

Members of First United Church, often joined by other Oak Parkers, have witnessed for peace on the front steps of First United Church (848 Lake St.) for a remarkable 275 Fridays, 7 to 8 p.m., all and any weather, sometimes in silence, sometimes praying, sometimes singing songs of peace, sometimes commenting on issues of the day.

Come join us. Bring a sign. Bring a candle. Bring your children. Join us.

First United’s own Bud Hayes (
Franklin ‘Bud’ Hayes) had his wonderful “Prayer for Peace after 5 years of War” published as the lead piece in Wednesday Journal’s April 9 Viewpoints section. Bud read the payer commemorating the fifth year of war in Iraq, at the March 21 Friday night peace vigil on the steps of First United.

Bob Haisman

Oak Park


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