At roughly 4:30 this morning, my bed moved. That doesn’t normally happen. Either I was having sex or the earth moved. Since I didn’t see anyone else in bed with me, I had to conclude the latter (literally, not figuratively). I also heard a persistent, faint knocking sound, as if something in my apartment were bumping against something else. Also unusual.

I remembered we had an earthquake here back in 1972. September, I think. Didn’t feel that one. And back in December of 1990, somebody got a lot of press predicting “The Big One” all along the fault line that extends down into Missouri. Didn’t happen of course, but it prepared us all for the non-event of Y2K.

This morning, however, was real. Real enough to feel, but not to threaten. Unless you experienced it differently. We’re inviting readers to tell us how you experienced “The earthquake of of ’08.” If you were having sex, use code words. This is a family website. Just don’t use “the earth moved.”

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