So…it’s all about the customer, is it?

I find myself responding to some
Oak Park news for the second time in my life. I responded some weeks ago about the whining by residents of parking near the new Salerno‘s restaurant on Roosevelt. Oh, and we can’t light the stadium because the residents object-and those voting on the lights approval were so scared to vote on it, they kept delaying the vote until they finally vetoed it in favor of those poor residents of “Wrigleyville west,” so naturally wasn’t I surprised (?) to read the explanation for the extension of time at the Farmers’ Market (you must understand I enjoy the market and, as per my other response, have understood and accepted all the parking issues on my street, Elmwood), but can we get some respect?

Wednesday Journal reported that the village board gave its final seal of approval for the market to open two weeks earlier-after numerous requests from market customers. The customers responded to a survey that they would like to see it open earlier. The commission will conduct another survey to see how the customers liked the extra two weeks later in the season, and oh, by the way, the commission passed out fliers to the surrounding neighborhood and “will stay in touch with their needs.”

Doesn’t something smell here? Stay in touch with our needs? Hey, I feel like a real patsy here. No lights for the stadium? All those “customers” were denied Friday night football due to the “needs” of a very few neighbors, and there was some thought of controlling parking (don’t think they passed it, however) due to the needs of a very few neighbors near
Salerno‘s on Roosevelt.

But for those on Elmwood (we who have staunchly put up with Ridgeland Common activities, high school activities, and Farmers’ Market activities-hey, we moved to “Wrigleyville,” so we understand), we get a flier telling us the customers surveyed wanted this.

Are we chumps? I guess because we’re so used to this, it’s more important to pay attention to the customers, not the neighbors, but sorry, no Friday night football, the residents have spoken.

I guess it didn’t take the board long to vote on the Farmers’ Market issue, and I doubt they delayed the vote, or had board members skip the vote for fear of offending the neighbors. The customers have spoken. Oh and for sure, some of those same customers live by the stadium and
Salerno‘s, you know, where they are considered important neighbors to be heard. 

All we want is a little respect. Open the market early, we can cope with the high school and Ridgeland Common, but it really ticks me off when I see the whiners in this village get their way. Sorry, kids, no Friday night lights for you! 

Uh, are you a customer? A resident? Doesn’t matter. He who whines the most wins. 

Rick Klaus

Oak Parker (and a new member of the Whiners Club)

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