Readers have been writing in to thank Good Samaritan shovelers/snowblowers who kept their walks clear during the past abysmal winter. Here’s the latest batch:

I’d like to nominate Mr. Royace Prather on the 1100 block of Woodbine. Every snowfall, he snowthrows the entire east and west sides of the street, including the walkways and crossways.

Larry Armstrong

I would like to nominate Mark Coe of
River Forest for the Good Samaritan award. There was barely a snowfall when Mark didn’t plow the entire sidewalk from Edgewood to Lake to Thatcher to

Oak Street
. And many of us fortunate neighbors even had our driveways plowed. He was up before dawn making the sidewalks and driveways safe and passable for all of us. Because of Mark, my entire family looked forward to every snowfall. Mark Coe is a true Snow Angel. Let it snow!

Kristine Raino-Ogden

River Forest

My nominees for the 300 block of
South Cuyler, east side, are Charlie Barlow and Bob Heilman. One or both of them have kept our main sidewalk cleared all winter, for which we and our backs are very grateful.

Nancy Hess

I would like to nominate Mark Thompson, who lives on the 1000 block of South Home. He has been our Good Samaritan in the winter for years, using his snowblower to clean off everyone’s main sidewalk, and then to do some in the alley if needed. He takes care of the sidewalks leading up to elderly people’s homes. He is an all-around, great guy and neighbor. He works nights, so he gets up and does this before he goes to work in the afternoon! He is humble and shy about his contribution. We all like to bake him goodies in thanks.

He should definitely be mentioned in your paper.

Sally Wallace

I’m sending this e-mail in response to Wednesday Journal’s call to celebrate those Good Samaritans who help us get through these hard winters. Also thought it would be a nice way to thank each of the guys who saved our family many a back-breaking morning (we don’t have a blower) and instead allowed us to focus on other fun things-like getting our 3-year-old dressed in her snowsuit and out the door!

The west side of the 800 block of

North Ridgeland Avenue
is blessed to have three upstanding guys dueling it out for best Samaritan snowblower. I’d like to nominate them all for the countless early mornings I’ve seen them out, taking care of the rest of us.

They are: Paul Lenahan, Charlie Mayer, Terry Smith

While all three are to be praised, the award for best Samaritan should really go to Paul, who is consistently out there with a smile and a friendly greeting (with his distinctive Irish accent), despite the cold and the God-awful early hour!

Thanks fellas!

Mark Leon (and the rest of the block)

I would like to duplicate the sentiments of my neighbor above. These three guys are absolutely wonderful to share their snowblower with the rest of the block. As you know, throughout this winter, we have had many days when we wake up with sidewalks that need to be shoveled and the snow is still falling. What I think makes this such a wonderful thing is that our walks get snowblown two or three times on those days. The effort goes above and beyond just normal, but on those extra days the effort is just through the roof. Throughout the winter I have seen Paul Lenahan out plowing at
, , and then when I get home at He is the best kind of ringleader.

This is just one example of why
Oak Park is a great place to live: the neighbors.

Jo Bond-Ostler

My next door neighbors, the Swansons, have frequently cleared my walk on

North Forest Avenue
when doing their own. Being the owner of a corner home at LeMoyne and Forest, I have a lot of walkway to clear when it snows, and as a senior, I am grateful for their help.

After the last snowfall, Mrs. Swanson not only cleared my
Forest side, but also my walk on LeMoyne east to the alley-with a shovel!

Thanks neighbors!

Frank M. Lacey

I don’t know how many cookies and cinnamon rolls I can bake, but they are too small a reward for the snow removal provided by my friend and neighbor,
Bob Kane. When he gets the snowblower out to clear his sidewalks, he clears ours and those of several of our neighbors to the south. It means a lot to me as my husband travels a lot and this winter has been more than I-or any other reasonable person-can handle with trusty snow shovel alone. He not only clears the sidewalks, but the walkways out to where our cars are parked.

And, of course, this is not the only way he is a good neighbor. He often mows the grass between our house and his. We have a block party every Halloween, and we gather in a circle around his fire pit to hand out treats to all of the kids. One year he even kept the big gas grill I bought as a present for my husband and delivered it to our back porch late on Christmas Eve night.

It’s a blessing to have a neighbor like Bob. I just wish the owner of one of the corner houses on our block would take care of their own sidewalks. It is 50 degrees today and I had to cross the street to walk my dogs around the block or I would have slipped in an ocean and slid down a glacier. So nice to have good neighbors-just wish the good law that “requires” shoveling within 24 hours would be enforced!

Marnie Rourke

Neighbor and local
Oak Park businessman, Todd Dressel, is our “Good Samaritan” snow remover par excellence! On a mini-jeep, like vehicle with a plow, Todd repeatedly cleared blocks of sidewalks and numerous driveways. Some areas challenged his jeep’s maneuverability, but Todd skillfully persevered.

Not only did Todd help reduce peoples’ winter “blues” with his conscientious efforts, he also enabled pedestrians’ safe mobility.

Cheers to him and a hearty thank you.

G. &. C. Meanza

I nominate the entire Galo family of the 1000 block of Woodbine for the “Good Samaritan” award. They are the best next door neighbors in the world. All winter, one or more members of the family shoveled our sidewalks and made sure they were ice free. Matt and Andrew made up the morning shift and
Molly, Caroline and Peter covered the aftermath of afternoon snowstorms. I leave for work at in the morning, and it was miraculous to step outside the door and find my path to the car cleared. Their tireless efforts on our behalf are greatly appreciated.

Bill, Mary and Carolyn Browne

We wish to commend our neighbors, the Kasang family, for being Good Samaritans in assisting us with snow removal and for being Good Samaritans year-round. They are always there to help us in any way they can. Our snow is removed before the boys go to
OPRF High School, and they are also assisted by their father, George, when the boys are running late. Suzanne is always there for us with her cheerful visits and “treats.” We are so very lucky to have them as neighbors and friends.

The Cafasso-Conroy families

Editor’s note: Bob Isaacson of the 1000 block of
Clinton called in to nominate Philip Kemmerer of the 900 block of Clinton, Oak Park, for snowblowing neighbors’ walks.

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