We’re sorely tempted to take Hannah Phillips up on her invitation to Read the Bible in 90 Days (386-5824). All we know is the start date, Easter, and the end date, June 21, but we’d like to find out more. We hesitate only because we’re afraid to take on another challenge that’s doomed to failure-like giving up sugar for Lent. We kept that up for a month before we caved, so we’re still a rather fresh failure, at this point-a bad example for the children, as usual. Damn kids. If they’d just stop watching us all the time.

There we were again, all dressed up in our Betsy Ross costume and nowhere to go, when we heard about the American Girl Party at Maze Branch Library, 845 Gunderson, on Tuesday, March 25, at 1 p.m. (386-4751). How’s that for serendipity? Maze instructs us to bring a “favorite doll or dress up in a period costume,” so we’re all set. Ages 5 and up are invited. Actually, we’re a bit upwards of 5 years old, so just to keep everyone distracted from exactly how far up we are, we plan to take along as many American Girl dolls as we can find. Our teenage daughters must have about a dozen between them, currently comfortably nestled in the attic. We could tie them together, two by two, like nursery schools do when the children go for a walk. Betsy Ross and her little patriots, ready to party.

First United Methodist Church of Oak Park, 324 N. Oak Park Ave. (383-4983), presents the sacred cantata, The Seven Last Words of Christ, on Friday, March 21, at 7 p.m. This led us to decide what our seven last words might be; probably, “Could you check if the oven is …”

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